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Off Campus Housing Listings

Important Notice to Landlords
and Students


University of Victoria has partnered with Places4Students.com – the Off-Campus Housing website that specializes in providing students, schools and landlords with the highest quality rental property listing service possible.

  • Local property owners can conveniently advertise their rental vacancies online.
  • Property owners can list their properties for faculty, staff and/or students, and choose which page they want to advertise on.
  • Students, faculty and staff can easily search for housing accommodations.

Are You A Landlord Looking to Rent to UVic Students, Staff, or Faculty?

Places4Students is a leading online listing service. All their listings are in real-time; accessible 24/7; descriptive with photos, amenity icons, floor plans and include mapping from each rental property to campus; Smart Search features and much more! Since they began in 2003, Places4Students.com has helped over 79,000 landlords and property management companies advertise their housing vacancies to students effectively.

Promote your rental to Uvic students, faculty, and staff. Visit the Places4Students landlord registration page to create a profile or call 1-866-766-0767 to speak with a customer service agent. You can choose where you want to advertise when you create your listing.

POST A LISTING: https://www.places4students.com/Landlord

Are you a Student Looking for a Rental, Sublet or Roommate?

Places4Students listings are in real-time; accessible 24/7; descriptive with photos, amenity icons, floor plans and include mapping from each rental property to campus!

Free Posting of Sublets or Roommate Profiles

Search for Student Rentals & Sublets

Are you a Faculty Member or Staff Person Looking for a Short or Long Term Rental?

Search for Faculty/Staff rentals


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Neither UVic nor UVic Residence Services assumes any responsibility for agreements made between the student and the landlord. We do NOT screen, inspect, warrant or approve any landlord, student or accommodation provided through the above noted service and cannot guarantee quality or suitability of the accommodation. We highly recommend that all students familiarize themselves with the BC Tenancy Act before you commit yourself to renting an apartment/suite/room, and meet the prospective landlord before making any payments. Finally, we would highly recommend that you educate yourself in identifying potential rental scams.


Off-Campus Conduct

Living in residential Victoria is an important part of university life for the majority of University of Victoria students.
As a resident of Victoria, University of Victoria students are responsible for upholding the standards of the community, including adherence to city bylaws regarding issues like parking, noise, waste disposal and collection, and community safety.

For students living off-campus, please see the Off-Campus Conduct website for more information on conduct and being a good community member.

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