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Off Campus Housing Listings

Off-Campus Housing service provides listings of off-campus accommodations for students, faculty and staff.

Residence Services accepts no responsibility for any arrangement(s) made between Tenants, Landlords or people who choose to exchange homes.


Many landlords have successfully rented their property through UVic Residence Services, however, landlords should use common sense in renting their property to avoid becoming the victim of a rental scam. Some steps to take to avoid being a scam victim include:

      • Know who you are dealing with:Independently confirm prospective tenant’s name, address and telephone number (e.g. by googling the contact e-mail or phone number).
      • Ask for, and then contact, rental references.
      • If you accept payment by cheque, request that it be drawn on a Canadian bank.
      • Do not accept a cheque or money order for more than you require.
      • Do not pay a refund on a cheque or money order until you are certain that it has been cleared by your bank.
      • Never wire funds.

For further information on rental scams visit the Saanich Police financial crimes page , the RCMP fraud page , or the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

Unless the unit you are renting is shared accommodation - such as bathroom, living room or cooking facilities - you cannot specify gender or race in your advertisement. Please see the BC Human Rights Coalition or Residential Tenancy Act for further details.

To submit a listing on the website you need to:

  1. Register a New User Account. This only needs to be done the first time you use our system. Make sure to record your Username and Password for future use.
  2. Create a listing for the property you want to advertise.
    • To place an ad in both Faculty and Student listings you need to create 2 separate listings (Step 2). i.e. It will cost you $20.00 to list a property that is rentable to both Faculty and Students.
  3. Pay $10.00 for each property you want to advertise. Listings will be activated for 15 days once payment is received.
    • You can pay in person at the Residence Office, online once you've submitted your listing, or call 721-8395 to pay with a credit card.
    • Please note the University of Victoria safety standard procedure regarding the processing of credit cards: The University does not accept (solicit, receive) credit card information through e-mail.
  4. Once payment has been received your ad will be activated within 24 hrs.


Our listing service operates like a classified ad section in a newspaper.

    • We do not inspect units listed on our web site or interview landlords.
    • We strongly recommend that students view the accommodation they are interested in and meet the perspective landlord before they make any form of payment to secure the facilities.

Most self contained apartments and suites fall under the Residential Tenancy Act - however there are some accommodation situations where the Act does not apply. You should review the Residential Tenancy Act and also look at your right and responsibilities on the Residential Tenancy Branch before meeting with a landlord to ensure issues surrounding damage deposits, use of facilities etc. are discussed and, wherever possible, written in the form of an Agreement.

To assist you with your search you may want to print off our Off Campus Housing Comparison pdf form to help you prioritize and organize information between the properties you contact.

House Exchange

In this category you will find listings of families who are willing to exchange their home for yours for a specific period of time. Please note HFCS does not inspect units or interview exchange participants.

To submit a house exchange listing you need to:

  1. Register a New User Account. This needs to be done the first time you use our system. Make sure to record your Username and Password for future use.
  2. Create a listing for the property you want to advertise. Include as many details and pictures as possible.
  3. Pay $25.00 to the Residence Office to activate your listing for 180 days.
  4. Once payment is received, your ad will be activated within 24 hrs.


To view the listings you must have access to a computer which connects to the internet. If you are unable to view any part of the Off Campus website your security settings in your web browser (Internet Explorer, Fire fox, etc), antivirus software, or ad blocking software may be set too high. You can try to add "uvic.ca" to your list of 'safe sites' in your browser or in internet security software such as Norton/Symantec or McAfee and allow cookies in your browser. Remember to refresh the webpage after making changes to any settings when you view it.

Click Here to view or submit an off-campus housing listing

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